Genetic Evaluation April 2022 – PROVEN BULLS

The Italian Holstein Genetic Evaluation of April 2022 confirms again Intermizoo’s Genetic Quality over time!
The main change introduced by ANAFIBJ is the update of the Italian Holstein Friesian Genetic Base (read the news).
ANAFIBJ also pubblished a new important index for the sustainability of the dairy farm: the Index for Heat Tolerance - IHT.

Here an overviw of the Italian rankings:
For the fourth time in a row Miura is in the 1st place in PFT ranking. While, Miura, Kubrick and Pepsol are, for the third time, the Top Trio of the Italian PFT chart!

  • In the TOP 6 IES ranking there are MiuraKubrickRallyNebula, Pepsol and Gordon.
  • In the ICS-PR list there are 4 Intermizoo bulls in the TOP 5: Miura, , NebulaRally and Kubrick.
  • Parallel, Nebula and Fusion are in the TOP 10 for Milk.
  • Samovar is still on the Top for Fat Kg (+123 kg), followed by Innuendo, Sector, Kubrick, Cruyff and Miura.
  • In the TOP 5 of the Protein rankings there are Nebula, Kubrick, Jesolo and Miura

Look at Hostein Proven Bulls section for the complete Intermizoo's evaluation of Dicember 2021!


          MIURA (bull sheet)
For the fourth time in a row Miura is in the 1st place in PFT (+4474). He is also 1st for and IES ranking (+1193 €).
Miura added 135 second lactation cows: his production and functional datas are very reliable.
Despite the update of the the Italian Holstein Friesian Genetic Base, his datas increase: +79 Kg Proteins and +87 Kg Fat.
His daughters are very functional, well conformed and solid, with high quality productions.



          KUBRICK (bull sheet)
This is the third evaluation as Proven bull for Kubrick: he ranked 2nd in the PFT chart (+4411 points).
He confirms again the 2nd place in the IES ranking (+1111 €).
Production and components of the daughters of Kubrick are increasing: +392 Kg of Milk in first lactation and +1502 Kg in second lactation.




          PEPSOL (bull sheet)
Pepsol ranked 3rd in the PFT charts (+4279 points). He is also in the TOP 5 for IES, +1038 €.
Pepsol comes from the same family of Pegasus: a great bloodline for cow longevity (113)
He is one of the highest Intermizoo bulls for Automated Milking Index (107) and one of the bull with the highest Index for Heat Tolerance: 117.



          INNUENDO (bull sheet)
Innuendo comes from the same family of Skinner and this is his first evaluation as Proven Bull.
He ranked 3rd for Kg of Fat (+109 Kg) and has an excellent Type Index (+2.57):
Innuendo has an extreme morphology but also well balanced, with the plus of a great Udder Index  (+3.05).




          REDBIRD (bull sheet)
This is the first evaluation as Proven Bull for Redbird: he is the first Red Proven bulls for PFT!
He also has a great ICM, with positive teat lenght and good milkability and udder health. 
Redbird is 110 for Automated Milking Index and has K-casein BB genotipe.
His management traits are also great: 110 in Longevity and good Daugther Fertility.



          PARALLEL (bull sheet)
Parallel confirms himself and increases his productive traits more and more:
he has +2219 in Milk Index with 117 new third lactation cows.
His aAa code is very rare: 531, as a matter of fact, cows are well conformed, wide and balanced with excellent udders.




          RALLY (bull sheet)
Rally is the 3rd Proven Bulls in the IES rankings (+1073) and the 4th for ICS-PR (+1076 €).
In the evaluation of April, Rally has third lactation cows in his database and his Maturity Rate is very high:
+1285 kg, +1614 kg e +1870 kg respectively in 1st, 2nd e 3rd lactation!



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